Color Play










Dress and Blazer: Urban Outfitters. Bag: H&M. Heels: Charlotte Russe.

Hi everyone! Today I wore a floral dress, which you may have seen before in my post “Think Spring“. I paired it with a cropped green corduroy blazer that I got years ago and wish I wore more often–I love it! I added a coral/nude bag and a matching hair bow, which picked up the subtle, orange hue in the dress. Around my waist I wore a lavender scarf, tied in a bow, and layered a silver belt over it. I recently saw this on Pinterest and thought it was quite ingenius. To finish I paired standard black pumps with a streak of silver–one of my all-time favorites (and most worn). Although there are many colors and a lot going on in this look, I think it works because every shade is picked up in the dress! (That’s one of the reasons I love floral print so much).

Oh and by the way, my little furry friend is named Finnigan. He kept trying to sabotage my shoot, so I thought, why not just incorporate him into it?

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

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