Tribal Time









Scarf: H&M. Cardigan and Sweater: Gap. Shirt: thrifted. Pants: Forever 21. Boots: DSW.

I’ve always been a print and pattern kind of girl, and tribal is one of my favorites. I’m preparing for a very busy, stressful week, so posts may be a bit sparse. Stay with me though, because by the end of the week I’ll be back in Maine and taking photos in the snow!

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Rose Among Thorns

IMG_1992 IMG_2003 IMG_2020 IMG_2006 IMG_1988 IMG_2005 IMG_2000

Jacket: Urban Behavior. Shirt: Ralph Lauren. Skirt: H&M. Wedges: BCBG. Jewelry: Forever 21.

Today was shockingly warm–around 70 degrees–here in the District, which was a pleasant surprise and a great excuse to give a preview of my summer style: bright colors and patterns, strappy wedges, and loose, low-maintenance tops. I came across this ‘Rose’¬†graffiti a few days ago and thought it would be a perfect backdrop; today was undoubtably a rose among cold, gray, wintery days. Hope the weather is as beautiful wherever you may be!

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Tribal on Edge

IMG_1717 IMG_1713 IMG_1726 IMG_1756 IMG_1751 IMG_1746 IMG_1728 IMG_1760 IMG_1750 IMG_1761

Leather jacket and scarf: TJ Maxx. Blazer, Pants, Belt and Jewelry: Forever 21. Top: thrifted. Boots: Bag: Urban Outfitters.

Today I styled my outfit around my new, tribal print boots from Go Jane. I started with a black base, and added a top with tribal details. The red and teal colors of my blazer, socks and scarf match colors in the boots, and add some brightness to an otherwise dark, edgy look. To play up the edgy-ness, I added one of my favorite leather jackets, a studded belt and silver jewelry. I think it’s a rather unexpected combination, but I like how it turned out! Let me know what you think.

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